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If the internet were a country, it'd be the 7th most polluting.

In the past 10 years alone, websites have grown 320% heavier.

We studied the carbon footprint of the internet's top 500 websites.

Our analysis shows that 40% of these websites generate significantly more than the global average of 0.5g CO2 per page load — some up to a whopping 16g.

Compounded by millions or billions of visitors, they unnecessarily generate about 234,342,373kg (515M pounds) CO2 every single year.

This is the same as a gas car driving around the Earth 23 million times.

We'd need around 4 billion trees growing for 10 years to absorb this amount.

There are plenty of ways to reduce a website's emissions.

For example, if all the analyzed websites were using a green host, the overall emissions would be 76.15% lower. That's a HUGE reduction with relatively little effort.

However, most companies choose profit over the planet.